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Giving, reimagined.

Real change happens when a lot of people give a little - instead of just a few giving a lot.

We harness the might of online communities to power change. 

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Enter to win

Enter for a chance to win any prize on Wizza in seconds. Minimal requirements for maximum good.

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Support your favorite creators

We partner with premier creators to offer incredible prizes and experiences to raise viral awareness.

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Win something epic

The Wizza chooses one entrant at random to receive the prize.


I will be using the bike every day to get to and from class. I am an electrical engineering student graduating in December of this year.

I love all electronics, and I really needed a bike to get to my classes this last semester as classes are now in person again. I love electric vehicles such as the Aventon bikes, boosted boards, and especially Tesla's.

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Palmer G

Aventon Pace 350 E-Bike Winner

Have a little fun,

doing a lot of good

Wizza provides a viral, epic, wholesome experience that raises awareness of, and support for, good causes - long after the prize has ended.

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No more black tie events

Historically, charitable giving has been a posh pastime for the wealthy - Wizza changes that.

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Good, gone viral

Your entries help sponsor viral, wholesome content that changes hearts and minds.

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Every entry is equal

Every entry into a prize has an equal chance to win something epic.

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No 3rd parties

We make sure creators and community leaders control the impact of their prizes. We work with our creators to put the funds to work ourselves.

Where your money goes

When you enter a sweepstakes, all proceeds are pooled and a percentage of the proceeds (subtracting out costs for the prize itself, marketing, and administrative costs) is then set aside to benefit communities and causes of the creators' choice.

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See it all, start to finish

When a prize ends, instead of blindly writing a check to a 3rd party, we let the creators decide how to best put the funds to work - and we keep the camera rolling.

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Good causes, amplified

The Wizza pays for ads, content, and other promotions, helping bring in new support for those who need it most.

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The bottom line

Wizza simplifies things by covering the costs of prizes, boring administrative fees like payment processing, and paying the hamsters that write the content you're reading right now.

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