“Secret Santa Giveaway” with HANDY

This holiday season we made 100 underprivileged kids' Christmas memorable and magical. The "Secret Santa Giveaway", held at the Hialeah, FL Walmart, surprised parents, caregivers, and each child there with dinner. Then, each kid received a $500 gift card allowing them to buy their families (and themselves) holiday gifts. The children also received a "Secret Santa Giveaway" t-shirt, specially designed for the occasion.

The kids, ages 6 to 18, all participate in HANDY's programs serving foster children and others touched by Florida's child dependency system.

The "Secret Santa Giveaway" made a merry Christmas possible for these mostly lower-income children and their families.

$50,000 Donation

With our $50,000 donation children filled their shopping carts to the brim with clothing, toys, electronics, bikes, and more. HANDY's executives expressed gratitude for our generous philanthropy.

"We wanted to find a way to give back to the community during the holidays in a big way. Providing a memorable Christmas for those who need it is why we partnered with HANDY. I totally embrace their vision of giving each kid a smile during the holidays," our team explained.

Our team was so grateful to make an impact with the awe-struck kids and their happy families. Talk about a feel-good event!

Why We Chose HANDY

Helping Abused Neglected Disadvantaged Youth (HANDY) is an award-winning 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 1985. Since then, HANDY has aided more than 45,000 Broward County children in foster and relative/non-relative care, all of whom are associated with the child dependency system. HANDY’s mission is to “achieve positive, lasting change for youth by providing life skills, education, and a supportive community.” HANDY delivers customized programs ranging from early childhood to adulthood.

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