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$50,000 To Help A New Family

Creators, creating change

Wizza creates impact in two key ways - donating money to great causes, and creating viral, epic, wholesome content that raises awareness for our mission and pays dividends for the causes we partner with throughout our journey.

No one knows how to create content better than the entrepreneurial influencers out there who are constantly coming up with fresh ideas and concepts to stay at the forefront of popular conversation.

That's why we give our partnered influencers full creative control on how to promote their giveaways, and we let these community leaders decide the best ways to give back in a way that aligns with their brand and their passions.

Nelk donation

Making a Happy Dad

Nelk found out that they had $50,000 to give away from the proceeds of their epic Full Send Ferrari, and they thought of the perfect way to blend our two goals.

Instead of just writing a check to a charity, Nelk wanted to see the impact up close. Together, we decided to change a young family's life.

Andrew, a young father expecting his second child in just days, was struggling to make ends meet. On top of the stress of balancing two jobs, finding time to spend with his 2-year-old son, and the anxiety of being the sole earner of a growing family in West Hollywood - the outlook seemed bleak for a young man trying to get ahead.

Nelk wanted to change his story, and life-changing moments are what Wizza is all about.

"He's going to be a dad for the 2nd time, so we wanted to make sure he's a happy dad." said Gabriel from Nelk, who helped arrange the suprise.

Emotions ran high as Andrew opened a box of Nelk's new Happy Dad seltzer, expecting to be a taste tester. When the box revealed $50,000 - he choked up.

"This is lifechanging man. Honestly, we're struggling bro, I mean I'm the only one working right now." the room went quiet. "I have this one to support and this other one coming you know. I've been getting us through... you know like... my car payment, all of that you know?"

Smiles and hugs were passed around the room. "Thank you guys so much man from the bottom of my heart, serious guys - thank you."

 Andrew & his family