$35,000 To Help A Streamer Succeed

Helping Good Go Viral

Part of our mission is to create an impact for good causes, we do this by spreading awareness and positivity throughout YouTube and the greater internet. Any company can write checks, but only our creators have the power to use their massive social platforms to create life-changing moments that can make good go viral.

Adin Wizza

Adin's Plan

That's why when our partner Adin Ross told us about a plan he had for relocating his long-time friend and streaming buddy Izi Prime, we were quick to show our support by throwing $35,000 down to make this a reality for Prime.

"Prime...has always had my back, he's always been my boy." said Adin, "One thing about him, he comes from a really hard life - he's been through a lot. He's been shot multiple times, had his car totaled, and he's lost family members from shootings."

Adin & Prime

Removing Barriers

Adin put the money to good use - a fully furnished apartment with rent prepaid for a year, a brand new Tesla, a new streaming setup, and a $10,000 stack of cash to make sure that Prime can spend the next year in LA focusing on what he needs to - make awesome content and grow his own platform on his way towards success.

"I almost died last week twice. I did a subathon for extra money to get a car. I sit in my chair for 30 some hours at a time." Prime was overcome with emotion as Adin led him through his new home. "I grew up in Chicago on the south side, moving house after house after house, living with family members. I've been living with my granny and my pops."

We couldn't be happier to be a part of this career-defining moment for Prime, and as our community grows, we can't wait to do even more.