$15,000 To Change A Life with Mike Majlak

The Lambo That Saved A Life

Thanks to all those who entered our 2020 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Evo, and the tireless legwork of Mike Majlak, we were able to help Jessica - a loving mother who's been struggling most of her life from addiction. Mike has first-hand experience with what it's like to wrestle your life back from the grip of opioid addiction, and it was his goal in partnering with us to fight back against this disease with the help of Shatterproof, another one of our non-profit partners who are determined to end the stigma of addiction.

Mike's Mission To Give Back

When Mike met with Jessica, she talked about some of the hardships she has been experiencing, “I’m 45. My struggle has been long. I’ve been struggling with addiction since my late teens until my early twenties. I relapsed after 10 years. I had surgery and got on opiates.” Like so many who struggle with this illness, her addiction eventually led her beyond prescription opiates to include heroin and crack - a disastrous road that left her living on the street with her dealer, losing her house, and eventually losing custody of her daughter.

“It’s been a long time since I felt safe." Jessica said, "I’m tired of surviving. I want to live a life. I have dreams.” Her struggles have created a long, eight-year separation from her daughter, and her hope has been that with continued sobriety, she’ll be able to rebuild a relationship with her daughter and see her again.

Mike nodded - he can relate to a lot of what Jessica talked about, but he also wanted to be a part of the solution. He shared with Jessica about how his partnership with us afforded him the opportunity to give back, and he wanted to help. He told her: “One of the things that I remember about my early recovery was a lot of strain financially. I remember it was tough just to get food or a place to stay.”

As our ambassador, Mike advocated for a one-year sponsorship for Jessica so she can continue in her path to recovery and sobriety, and see her daughter again.

Additionally, to support Jessica’s desire to help other people who are in recovery, we donated an extra $10,000. With this added donation, Jessica can pay it forward by sponsoring the recovery of two more individuals who are struggling with sobriety and in need of housing.

Jessica when she heard about Wizza's donation

Mike Throws Down

Mike donated an additional $5,000 of his own to the sobriety house so they can upgrade amenities and get any necessities to make it feel more like home. He said, “I remember what it’s like to be in early recovery. I know it’s tough. I had a 400 credit score. I couldn’t get a car. I was just hoping that I could find someone to help with those things, who has shown the promise of recovery.”

Jessica started crying, and Mike looked moved. “I’m so happy for you and I’m proud of you. I love that you like being here and I’m happy that you get to stay.” He told her, “Just keep it going. Just keep it going.” Battling addiction is never easy, but with support and access to the right resources, it’s possible to recover.

Creating Possibilities

Our mission as an organization is to use our resources to create positive change. We are beyond excited to have made this possible for Jessica, and offer her the support she needs to stay on her path to sobriety and recovery.

Without you, this entire success story would not be possible. So, thank you for being a part of it.

Check out the full video here