$10,000 To Support Military Spouses

It's Time We Think Great

In every choice we make, our families are impacted. Deciding where to live, work, and travel all have reverberating effects on those we support - and those who support us.

One of the most commonly overlooked sacrifices behind many soldiers are those made by their spouses. Military personnel are constantly on the move, causing their families to uproot on short notice, making it difficult to commit to long-term engagements - which means that many military spouses postpone attending college or post-secondary education.

What is the Think Great Foundation?

Military spouses put their lives on hold, and they feel the effects of those choices long after their loved one's enlistment ends. That's why the Think Great Foundation was formed - to enrich and enhance the lives of military and veteran spouses by supporting the accomplishment of their educational and career goals.

ThinkGreat Donation

Making Magic Happen - one scholarship at a time

Thanks to proceeds raised by our epic prizes, we were able to donate $10,000 towards scholarships for military and veteran spouses looking to invest in their future.
We can't wait to do even more.

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