$10,000 Towards Helping End Addiction

What is Shatterproof?

Addiction is a silent and unseen pandemic that's been building over the last 20 years. Shatterproof was formed in memory of the founder's son who struggled with this affliction on his own, quietly in a cycle of shame, isolation, and failure.

We donated $10,000 from proceeds generated from our prizes to kick off our partnership with our friends at Shatterproof to help raise awareness and end the stigma of addiction, in hopes that together we can bring this sickness out of the shadows and into the public eye, where healing begins.

Shatterproof team
It's not all about money.

To show our support, our hard-working Team walked nearly 3 million steps (the distance between our two teams' offices) during Recovery Month to prove that together - we're stronger than addiction.

We're working together to save lives.

We're committed to helping Shatterproof make an impact every day by executing on their core beliefs.

  • Revolutionizing addiction treatment
  • Ending the stigma of addiction through open conversation
  • Empowering and educating communities

By giving away epic prizes that make their way into public conversations, we hope that we can continue to use our platform to encourage those in need of help to join in on the conversation, and ultimately break the cycle.

Learn more at shatterproof.org.